Sistance's EXPLODE!
a thrilling strategy game for android devices

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Sistance's Explode! is a turn based board game for two players. Its gameplay is similar to typical strategy games like chess, draughts, 9 men's morris or halma.

a typical situation in Sistance's Explode! Each player controls the counters of his colour (red or blue) and tries to wipe out the opponent's counters.

The app offers a player versus player variant in hot seat mode. This means two human players can play on a single android phone together.

In addition a human player can play against a computer based opponent.

The game offers a bunch of achievements since version 2. They reach from a simple 'play a game in hot seat mode' to a more difficult 'win against the AI in less than 30 turns'.

You can download the game on Google Playstore for free. Maybe I'll offer a variant without advertisment in the future.